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Updated: May 11


Our experienced team will work to make sure that your car keys are functional and provide reliable access.

While the dealership or previous vehicle owner has likely given you one set to work with, sometimes you need additional CAR KEY so that you can have a spare set for safe keeping or provide a key to another driver. Furthermore, any spare set of car keys should be cut correctly to protect the safety of your vehicle and ensure that the locking mechanism works correctly every time.

We understand that your cAR KEYS are precious to you. Not only do you use them every day, but you want to know that they will work well any time you need access to your vehicle. Our laser cutting and remote programming services are designed to ensure that your car keys always function in the way that they should.

4 Brilliant Ways to Keep Track of Your Car Keys create spare keys for your car, you’re setting yourself up for success if you ever lose track of your primary set of keys. At the same time, frantically searching for your first set of keys can be a pain, so here are some ways to keep good tabs on your keys:

  1. Always put your keys in the same place. Creating this habit may take some time, but once you walk in the door, you won’t even think twice about where to put your keys, so you can easily find them the next time you go out.

  2. Get creative with key organization. Don’t just drop your keys on a counter collecting other random things. Doing this will make it harder to locate your keys later on, so invest in a key hanger or even just a small hook to put your keys on.

  3. Use a tracking device. There are many innovative tracking devices on the market today, some with Bluetooth, that can help you keep track of your keys. If losing your keys frequently is a problem, this is probably your best option.

  4. Put your keys in the same pocket. Once you’re out, always put your keys in the same pants pocket or pocket of your purse, so you don’t panic about where your keys are when you’re away from home.

If you still need a spare set of car keys, make sure you give us a call for help. We offer the key cutting services you need to create a reliable set of spares.

As an established locksmith mILWAUKEE WI, we realize that it may be important to you to be able to find all of the services you need in one place. Whether it’s having new car keys made, getting help after a lock out, or reprogramming your key fob for more reliable access, you’ll find the services you need right here with us. Our experienced team will work to make sure that your car keys are functional and provide reliable access each time you use your vehicle.

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